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So You Think You Can Dance

Please watch season five of the show So You Think You Can Dance and vote for my good friend Tony Bellissimo. I (Ryan) have known Tony for many years now and I am glad to see him finally get what he deserves.

I remember when we used to spend all night practicing to the music we love.   To make a little extra cash we would street perform in Buffalo.

Before he went to the auditions I sent him away with some fresh SHADESOFREDD gear.  So keep an eye out for the Blastman.

The SHADESOFREDD family is proud of him and how far he has come.   So please show your support and vote for him.  Voting starts tonight!

Tony Bellissimo and Me (Ryan)

Tony Bellissimo and Me (Ryan)

The picture above is from our joint-birthday party. This was taken a few months before I moved to South Florida.


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