One of my favorite graffiti artist of all time is PUN18 from Puerto Rico. His style and ways of putting colors together is like no other. He has out of this world imagination and color combos that will last for days. Take the time to read his bio and visit his website it will WOW you out of your seat.

Pun18 was born September 22, 1985 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. From his childhood he had a fascination with drawing in specific, the “comics” and animated series. Influences that inspired him to create their own characters. At 10 years old, met the world of graffiti and not until 15 years of age when he decides to engage in the art. What began as a hobby became his career. At the beginning of this stage, came to participate in exhibitions in and outside Puerto Rico, in countries such as Spain, France,Germany, Belgium, Canada and the United States. His current work involves in addition to the graffiti style, comics, animation, pop art and surrealism style . The concept of his work is based on personal experiences and social criticism, with a range of bold colors with the intention of highlighting what interests and concerns of the society we live in today.

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