Puerto Rico Part 1

So on August 8th myself (Redd) and Isaac had the opportunity to go visit Puerto Rico. Being that we both went to high school there and all my family is on the island we could not say no. We had a photo shoot planned with some of our good friends from Yaah Production, so till then we had some time to burn. Burning time in Puerto Rico consist of lots of drinking and eating. We had heard about this cave “Cuevas da la Ventanas” that everyone was talking about so we packed up the jeep and hit the road. Every morning starts off with a great cup of coffee and ends with a wonderful plate of food.  Here we leave you with some pics from our trip. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow. Enjoy




Shark Attack!

Hope the title of this post didn’t scare anyone. In honor of shark week  we  took a trip the SHARK art exhibition in down town Fort Laudy. We weren’t able to take to many pictures so I’ll share the one I was able to take. It was dope to see all different types of media used to make each piece. The oil painting with the diver hands down was my favorite piece. If you live in the area we recommend you check it out.


It’s Time To Unleash The Beast

Today 8/7/12 at noon est time we will be releasing 2 new tees on our site. “Unleash The Beast” and a new color way in the  “Music Defines Me” tee.  Get yours at our shop


We would like to take this morning to congratulate Javier Culson for winning his heat in the 400 M Hurdles! You made Puerto Rico Proud! For those of you that dont know spanish “Orgullo” means “Proud”. Always be proud of who you are and where your from. Have a great SHADESOFREDD Friday!!!

Dont Worry Be Happy

So we just added 2 new colors to our new line of Happiness Bracelets. (The Blue Series) Bring some positivity into your life. You can find these and more colors on our online store.

From Toy Soilders 2 Toy Boarders

I remember when I was younger my pops use to bring me home toy soilders. Some got buried some got blown up other just hung around the house.  When my buddy showed me this video I had to get a bag for myself. Toy Boarders has given kids a reason to go outside and use their imagination. Check out this shred session.

NU INDIE 31 July 2012

This is a must go to event in Puerto Rico. Our homies from Cool Cave Group will be spinning and performing all night long. Make sure to follow them on Twitter for future events. @CoolCave @EvdiSound @Brand_Beats


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